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A woman is shipwrecked at sea. Her rescuer? A 7-foot tall shark-woman. Together, they will learn more about each other's worlds and even the grand adventure that awaits them both.

*Updates Every Tuesday...For Now....*

<Caution: Art Evolution Is In Effect - Big Time!>

(Note: Created with Computer or Tablet Viewing in mind - Phone viewing will be inconvenient for the viewer.)


I write. I draw. I like fantasy. I've put them all together now. Also like a bit of sci-fi, but I'm not too terribly attached to this world at all.

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Toy Boat, Toy Boat, Toy Boat.
Author Note
Heck of a goodbye. Wonder what happens next.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Author Note
Taniwha can be a beyotch, but she really does care for her daughter and her tribe.
There was a lot of arguing that we didn't see.
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