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Last update: 23rd Feb 2020, 3:08 AM
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an original short-story set on a dead Earth-like planet where even technology has fallen victim to mass extinction. Heavily inspired by science fiction of the 80's and 90's.


Not self propelled artillery.

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Pretty interesting so far , love the coloring .
It's not quite that the thumbnails idea didn't work-- on a fresh project, it works perfectly. The problem was that the comic is so full of big whopping visual inconsistencies and continuity issues (like character designs not being on-model from page to page) and it left me so frustrated that I couldn't continue it as it is. Not to mention, my hand in its current condition actually is disagreeing with the inking style now, so I need a different method that doesn't, y'know... hurt? The whole reason I'm so able to power ahead with Senhyakkin is because it's being done in a fairly loose style where I'm not forcing myself to make precise strokes or anything.

If I'm going to continue this comic, it's going to need a complete overhaul to suit my tastes (and failings). The story and pretty much all the pacing is likely to stay the same, but I'm going to be redrawing every panel-- and I don't think I have the mental capacity to do that until I've got it flushed out of my system.

But yes I do intend on keeping this version of the comic up, if only for those interested in looking back at it if I ever get around to remaking it.
I guess I'm not able to make good comments today, but I noticed that Chi-e considers itself (herself?) as "people". And "him" as male...
Aww. So the idea of thumbnails & batches of 10 didn't work out, If I had to guess I'd say, it probably took too much time. Pity...

Would it be bothersome to you to leave this version up, maybe as version 0.1? Sure, it didn't get very far, but there is a little story in it and the current pages is not a big cliffhanger.
I'm asking because this is one of the comics I might like to read again in one or two years...
yeah uh about that-- sorry but this time it really is abandoned. At least for now. I plan on starting over entirely, but it won't be any time soon.

It's always like this for me, but I'm hoping with the projects I'm working on now, I'll be able to curb that habit. I just needed a fresh start with something that can be produced at a much more rapid pace with more streamlined methods.

Full-color flats don't really lend themselves to speediness, I find. At least, not for myself...