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Something Stupid This Way Comes is a rambling mess of a comic that's part space opera, part crime drama, part meta comedy that has aliens and fantasy heroes peacefully coexisting (until they don't).


I like to draw, and make people laugh

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Two pages went live today! Click back one :)

I spent a full year (April 2021 - April 2022) working on this 60-page chapter. And guess what?

There will be one more chapter of this webcomic. And then, SSTWC will end.

Frankly, I'm over the moon, for two reasons.

1.) I have gobs of ideas for these characters, and can't really act on them while simultaneously producing endless comic pages.

2.) More critically, I struggle with chronic health problems (including wrist problems), and have burned out many times.

It's been hard. Really hard. Regardless, I'm determined to finish what I started, and nothing can stop me.

Thanks for reading!
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Two pages today, get ready!
Author Note
Getting lost indeed XD
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Good question huh...

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