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In ancient times the war for the world was won by the good guys. Now the Shadows return... there will be another thornwar.

This is my first ever webcomic, and I draw it as a means to improve both my colouring skills and writing skills. Expect the art to change at times. (Then again, that's true for most webcomics so no big surprise there. ;) )
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Oh I follow, all right, I just want to scream because of what's happening in it :D
And I am so distracted right now watching SpaceX/NASA trying again to shoot people into space while finishing up a page (not so smart, I know).
Author Note
I had a fight with this page. I hope it's not too hard to follow. Drawing is hard sometimes heh. :)
Author Note
Oh no. Oooh nooooo O,O Noooooo, Nyaraaa!
Text on the left: Saerene(-ish)
Text on right: Nyara(-ish)

All hail the great gardener (me) who has more moss than grass in the lawn but still tries hard. xD
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