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This webcomic can also be found at https://www.thornwar.com

In ancient times the war for the world was won by the good guys. Now the Shadows return... there will be another thornwar.

This is my first ever webcomic, and I draw it as a means to improve both my colouring skills and writing skills. Expect the art to change at times. (Then again, that's true for most webcomics so no big surprise there. ;) )
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I know this is a very le gasp thing they're talking about but I am a bit distracted by the fabulous hair going on here <3
There are no bad ideas, just bad executions!
Author Note
The sneaky sass of that character; I love it!

Happy new year everyone and thanks for sticking around. :)
Author Note
Haha oh yes. That feeling, the bastard. ;)