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Hera's not the only one out for Revenge.
Last update: 17th Jul 2016, 4:06 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language
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When a lethal disease called HERA threatens all womankind, Ashley is devastated to find out his twin sister has been infected and only has a month to live. While doctors the world over scramble to find a cure, Ashley is visited by the ancient goddess Artemis… only to learn HERA isn’t just a sickness; it’s a curse from the titular deity herself due to Zeus’s infidelity! As his sister is too sick to join the fight, Artemis grants Ashley the ability to destroy the curse–but only if he becomes a girl!

Now, Ashley fights alongside other gifted girls, Those of Artemis, and hopes that a month is just enough time to save his twin’s life.

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I like to think I can draw, so I made a webcomic.
I'm starting university in the fall, so I am celebrating by challenging myself to a webcomic project! I want to prove I can keep up with it, as if it were a job and not just a hobby. I hope everyone enjoys the creative mythos I have created! ♥

On the side, I love writing, video games, and sweets. Those things are the reason for living! Come find me on the forums or chat with me about anything through PMs. My door is always open!

Right now, I have commissions open until August! (Link is NSFW)

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Of course! But women also don't want to leave the world without making their mark on it. Various virtues and values apply.
Author Note
Surely, if there are less women around, it'll be the men who would be desperate?
Sorry for the late update! I crashed hard last night and had stuff to do today, but here is the next page!

Commissions are still open, so please check out my profile!
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Ah, you got me hooked with this page!!!