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Last update: 22nd Nov 2012, 5:31 PM
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Stickmen doing things that normal people do. I say "normal", I mean what a normal person would do if they had the balls of a fucking ox. Three Summers Strong is the distended anus of the stickman world. It's the sinking of your heart into your stomach when you turn round to see the girl you've been crushing on just watched you scratch your balls and sniff your fingers afterwards. It's the shit-stained toilet seat you passed out on in that dive club your asshole friends dragged you to after you got rejected by said crush. In short, it's fucking genius.


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“this was”
Cheers man :D Glad you like it!!
By the way, that was me :)
Mate, I don't usually enjoy stickfigures, but I had a great run through your comic and it cracks me up. Great humour!
Butt Hunter
Here here.