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Waking up in a strange world, Tuesdays - Friday
Last update: 11th Jun 2021, 8:55 PM
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Kevin wakes up in a weird world and has to find a way back home. Follow Kevin as he explores Tehra and waits for the three moons.


Trying to tell some comic stories.

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It's finished! A year after I started it! To think this was supposed to be a 50 page experiment to practice my drawing. It still sucks, but it was very fun drawing it.
If you all read it, I hope you all enjoyed it and thank you!

My other comic, Blank Galaxy, is ongoing, although very different narrative. Please check it out!

I'm also staring a new project, which is very different as well. A bit more mature content.
The first Issue will start 06/25/2021.

Follow me on twitter to keep up @ea_espinoComics

Thank you all once again!
Author Note
This is the first update I set up as a chapter, so hope i did it right.
Author Note
Used different inking methods to change it up and it was fun.
Author Note
This is a 7 page update! Set it up as a chapter.
Author Note
I'm pretty excited for next week. It'll include multi-page updates!
Author Note