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Valdin Zoh is assigned to the I.S.C. Thunderstryke as part of the Star Pioneer Initiative. Quickly it becomes apparent that something about the crew is a little off, and the easiest job in the galaxy goes wrong in the worst and unforeseeable way.

A sci-fi action comic with a bit of western elements and lots of nerd humor.


MICA Alumn
Huge dork, makes comics, costumes and weird faces.

Feel free to say hello!
I usually attend Otakon and Katsucon, and my instagram is @socksofargyle if you want to see my costume stuff. :D

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Please tell me that on Ronin everyone has a space katana!
Surprise double update!

Ronin, as you might've guessed, is the location from the cover image :D
Author Note
Moira has been Demoted by a jury of her peers. lol
Author Note
December was batch updates for up to date reader pacing sake, and that might've messed things up but tbh i have no idea! sorry :<
Why do we miss so many pages of up dates on Comic Fury? I scanned back to December 14 or 16 and still did not get to the place the last Comic Fury update was. Also will I even be able to find my answer when the next update occurs on CF?