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Comic profile: Thunderstryke
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago, 6:04 PM
Number of comics: 60
Number of subscribers: 17
Visitors: 2875 visitors (9458 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.96 (48 votes)

Comic description

Valdin Zoh is assigned to the I.S.C. Thunderstryke as part of the Star Pioneer Initiative. Quickly it becomes apparent that something about the crew is a little off, and the easiest job in the galaxy goes wrong in the worst and unforeseeable way.

A sci-fi action comic with a bit of western elements and lots of nerd humor.


MICA Alumn
Huge dork, makes comics, costumes and weird faces.

Feel free to say hello!
I usually attend Otakon and Katsucon, and my instagram is @socksofargyle if you want to see my costume stuff. :D

Most recent comments left on Thunderstryke

3 days ago
Who does the crew and captain answer to? It does not seem as though they can self fund themselves. If their mission is to hunt and stop dangerous... errr ... somethings? Them Someone supports this. Even if it is only by turning in bodies for renumeration.
Left on Any Questions?
4 days ago
So i got enough written that i'm satisfied with chapter 2 basically being set. and it's started! I need a bit more time to polish up things, I'm pretty settled in my job, so it's go time! :D

but in the mean time, i figured id give everyone a chance to ask questions that might not be brought up until later if at all, but are mostly fun facts or intriguing plot points. so feel free to ask either in the comments or message me directly :D
Left on Any Questions?
Paul (Guest)
6 days ago
So, hey, super ancient aliens. Whydya leave a spaceship in the space prison and whydya put an 'open' function on the cryosleep capsule?
Left on 1-55 Welp.
Paul (Guest)
6 days ago
Did they not here the green voice say "Containment unit"? That spells 'back away slowly and send for nukes' to me.
Left on 1-43 Famous Last Words.
Paul (Guest)
6 days ago
Y'know what that smile says to me?

It says "You should'a buckled up back there."
Left on 1-24 Ignition