Tides of Darkness
Once there was a dragon...
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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The Legend of Spyro Based Fan-Comic - Tides of Darkness follows the Rise and Fall of Malefor the Purple Dragon and his brother Xenon as they discover the true purpose of The Purple Dragon Prophecy.

Updated weekly on Wednesdays due to me Working From Home, bonus uploads on Sundays (and sometimes Fridays) if there's a bigger backlog.

Page count per Chapter:
Tome 1: 73
Tome 2: 240+ (ongoing)
Tome 3: ???
Tome 3.5: ???
Tome 4: ???
Tome 5: ???
Tome 6: ???


You can call me Taz (Doomy is also fine).
I do mostly fantasy based works, currently doing my big project Tides of Darkness.
Maybe some other, smaller works along side it eventually.

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oh mb
She, Ocoral is female
finally one of the elders is deciding to tell their side of the story
even if she was force 2
I will dare!

I love how the shots of Swiftclaw and RazorFang came out, so moody!

Thrylos/Malefor (c) Sierra
Everyone else, comic/art (c) me
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Author Note
here come the monkey wrench into there plans🔧