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Last update: 27th Jun 2014, 4:21 AM
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In which the crew of the USS Enterprise is played by a group of teenagers who are usually more interested in experience points than in socio-political commentary. Usually.

It's a Star Trek: The Original Series campaign comic inspired by similar works (like DM of the Rings or Darths & Droids). Currently on indefinite hiatus.

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As a DM finding the proper balance between party freedom and keeping them on task is a hard and difficult step, but it can be done
Terrance arrives to the party way too late, and I sympathize with that. Honestly though, the ending of this is pretty accurate to how this goes. But hey, it was fun while it lasted and you'll always remember the weird power trips and calls for murder. Then years later you'll be remembering about the evil pumpkin pie and the lettuce monster.
Terrance is Trying His Best. Honestly. I'm rooting for him.
"You spend an hour making characters just to watch them die!" Wait wait wait, do some people only take an hour to make a character? I want that super power.
Terrance, you egg.