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Cartoons from now and then go to college
Last update: 7th Mar 2015, 6:39 PM
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ever wondered what would've happened if the cartoons from the 90´s and 2000's had made it to college? this is an attempt to solve that question.


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Good luck with your comic. ;)
Hey guys, I have an important announcement to make, I'll be moving this webcomic to tumblrat this addres:


If you've been cathing up to the very end you can see the latest strips at my deviant:


It's been great to host here at Comicfury but I see more posibilities in other places. This comic will remain here for one more week and then it will be gone.

Hope to see you on those other sites.
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I always pictured ReverseDipper as more skilled in the mental aspect of magic. Anyways, I am convinced; my newest ship is Dippifica after the sinking of Wendip.
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For the next month we'll have double-size pages every two weeks. What I love about vacations is experimenting with filters and screentones.

Also, I heard They're up at ruining the internet again. I don't know how loosing
network neutrality
would affect you viewing this webcomic, but if you complain here and make a call at this number you can avoid that.
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He'll never be allowed to live it down.