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Webcomic profile: Totty Comics
Totty Comics
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Content flags: Sexual ContentNudity
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 8:30 PM
Number of comics: 111
Number of subscribers: 23
Visitors: 8815 visitors (30320 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.91 (33 votes)

Webcomic description

Hello there, fine reader types! My name is Verity Goldenthrob and I would like to welcome you to Totty Comics!

Buckle up for some of the most spiffingly sumptuous tales of Little Ribble on the Marsh throughout history that are available in modern webcomicing!

Totty Comics has been amongst the finest purveyors of adult tales since 2009!

Tally Ho!


All you need is love, and tea.

Most recent comments left on Totty Comics

27th May 2019
Does the super secret info go in the rear.
Left on Captain Totty - 04
13th May 2019
After all these long years, finally the GREATEST SUPER HERO that comic fans have ever seen emerges from the pages of TOTTY COMICS!

The hero that you wanted and the hero that we all needed in these dark times. Step forth into the light, the incomparable (!), the magnanimous (!), the fantastic (!) CAPTAIN TOTTY !!!

Tally Ho!
Your Pal Verity
Left on Captain Totty - Cover
11th May 2019
"Minimus Ribbleus : A Potted History."
Minimus Ribbleus, that hero of old. Brave, dashing and admired by all. “Minimus Ribbleus” is still with us today, but in a different way. Indeed, the town of Little Ribble on the Marsh owes it's name to that very warrior. “Little Ribble” is derived from his name in the old Norkish language.

The picturesque town, sits in what in ancient times would have been the lush green mounds of the Norkish vale, to the north of the ancient waters of Lake Oreolia. Every year in the town square, a festival is held in his honour, with dancing, merry making and offerings to the god Candommi being the order of the day. Such terrific fun is had by most!

Many tributes to the legend of this great man still stand. If you were to find yourself in the gardens of Bramblethorne Ladies Academy for example, you could slide up one the educational establishment's many tight passageways and find the golden monument to Minimus Ribbleus in the rear gardens.

Stay Tuned, for on Monday a new and terribly exciting story begins, with the first issue of an ALL NEW Totty Comics hero!

Tally Ho!
Verity Goldenthrob
Left on Gunt - Beware the Fangs of Slotch - 18
Inkdolls (Guest)
1st Apr 2019
Oh, no! What a tragic ending for Bramblethorne!

That'll teach academies to leave their big selfdestruct buttons lying around for anyone to sit on.
Left on Bramblethorne Goes Bananas - 08
11th Mar 2019
A barefoot nun! That's what's afoot!
Left on Bramblethorne Goes Bananas - 03