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Webcomic profile: TradScribbles
Another random art depository
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Language: English
Genre: Other
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Last update: 17th Aug 2019, 12:40 PM
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I somehow deleted this comic what the fuck
A comic for dumping my miscellaneous art so that I don't need to search and cross-reference through a pile of threads and other comics.


Hello, I am Trad, a pursuer of a History degree.

Currently writing Anak Bintang.

I don't think I'm that anything interesting? Other than the fact that xianyu118 just invited me to be author of quite a few comics and I accepted. :-P

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17th Aug 2019
I haven't forgotten I have like 10 projects on hiatus. Have an updated design.
Left on Elisabet Shana Yu 2
10th Aug 2019
Apparently two days ago was 七夕 (aka one of the Chinese Valentine days, I prefer Chap Goh Mei, however). This actually slipped my mind, because the Ghost Festival dominates the seventh lunar month.

Hence, when I started drawing the Old Man Under the Moon, a friend asked me if it was because yesterday was Qixi.

As I drew this I was pondering if I should draw the Trimurti of Hinduism - in Thailand, the Trimurti shrine located in front of CentralWorld, Bangkok has become a destination for would-be singles and couples, especially on Thursdays because that is when the Trimurti takes personal audiences. However, I decided to keep it to two figures, and it's better that way.

Also I asked people if I should draw Eros/Cupid/Amor as an ugly baby in the great Western tradition of drawing babies (especially Jesus) as ugly babies.

The results were unanimous.

I like to think Eros is annoyed at the Old Man for being a calculative bureaucrat, while the Old Man just thinks that the boy needs to chill.
Left on Yuelao and Cupid Have An Argument
20th Jul 2019
The general idea was to build on the base of the Kingdom of Domerca's national costume. Miran had other ideas, however, given that it was more warlike and assertive about itself.
Left on Domercan Outfits (M)
20th Jul 2019
Costume from the Kingdom of Domerca. Should be the template for the other two Domercan states: a sleeveless jacket, colour green, and tengkolok/headdress.

There are two other Domercan states: that of Sarilla and Miran. Sarilla now exists in the hearts of the people. Miran has expanded in size.
Left on Concept of a Domercan Man
13th Jul 2019
I'm still alive.

Sometimes I have really bad nostalgia for things that were prevalent in my childhood despite my parents' disapproval. Despite their best efforts however, I'm now studying history and spend too much money on art supplies and am now the president of my uni's half-dead art society.

I'm doomed.

But that aside, I'm currently on a Monster Allergy kick. Monster Allergy seems to be most well-known in the form as a 2005 animated TV series that was broadcast on Disney Channel. It ran for two seasons and it is generally agreed amongst the fandom that while season 1 is...decent, given the material, season 2 is a collective fever dream.

However, this TV series was based on an Italian comic book series created by Alessandro Barbucci, Katja Centomo, Francesco Artibani and Barbara Canepa of Sky Doll and W.I.T.C.H. It was first published by Tunue in 2003, and ran for 29 issues. In 2015, the publisher announced a 30th issue/ending to the first overall arc, and also announced the future publication of a continuation titled 'Monster Allergy Evolution'.

The question now is how a Malaysian got hold of this series and apparently I'm not too sure myself. All I know is that a kids' magazine in either Singapore or Malaysia got the rights to publish it and that's how I came into contact with it.

The series itself is what I call 'a clusterfuck of interesting lore, plot holes, deus ex machinae, and dumbass ideas that somehow make sense with a healthy helping of nightmare fuel'. You get the weird kid who sees monsters and is allergic to them called Zick, his best friend who can't called Elena Potato, and a whole host of monsters and whatnot and the whacky and somewhat traumatising adventures such as 1) almost drowning, 2) being devoured by rats, 3) dealing with a world-ending monster, 4)shapeshifting monsters that engage in mind control, 5) alien hand syndrome and 6) witches that have never heard of botox amongst other things.

All this is fertile ground for an Original Character Do Not Steal, so have Yuri Yedduran, a Tamer whose specialty is dealing with the Boxes that they use to contain monsters. He hates the sun and dresses like he comes from an era long past.
Left on Yuri Yedduran