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Comic profile: Transmission
The fastest and furriest webcomic on four wheels!
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 5 days ago
Number of comics: 504
Number of subscribers: 35
Visitors: 276221 visitors (1847518 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.98 (57 votes)

Comic description

Two English red squirrels. One geared up American muscle car. And a whole payload of mishaps!


British cartoonist and amateur animator currently based in Dundee.

Most recent comments left on Transmission

Fox Of Kings Island
13th Oct 2017
Ignore him, he's one of those Major Americanas that despise internationals
Left on #236 True Colours
KC (Guest)
13th Oct 2017
The wacky tabacy isn’t in question. What I’d like to know is what in the world is in those “ dragon sweets “? Seems that if there’s that bad of an interaction between the two, something wild is in the sweets.
Left on #504 Tripping
Foxx Trotter (Guest)
13th Oct 2017
“Drugs are bad, m’kay?”

Yeppers...that’ll do it. You may want to quit that stuff, Trevor. :0P
Left on #504 Tripping
13th Oct 2017
Yeah, I think it’s high time to find a new weed dealer, Trevor!
Left on #504 Tripping
Shaggy (Guest)
13th Oct 2017
Yep. I still don't think the castles haunted XD
Left on #504 Tripping