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The fastest and furriest webcomic on four wheels!
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Two English red squirrels. One geared up American muscle car. And a whole payload of mishaps!


British cartoonist and amateur animator currently based in Dundee.

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It is perfectly possible to be small and yet very strong. Or to be strong without being built like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I see that Russ got the Jetta fixed.
Jenny's bitch made for kicking Jason in the balls!!! I wanted to see Jason kick some ass!
It's been a long time since I physically winced at one of these strips, but... Ouch...

Mind you, Jason must be packing some serious heat down there, if it hurts that badly...! =P
Maybe, but I doubt Blanco thought about that when he had Jenny knock Jason out of the tournament. Why hurt Jason when Blanco wanted to take him on himself? Blanco could have easily taken down Jason without any dirty tricks.

I am not doubting Jason's skills, but Blanco is a lot more experienced. Thanks to Jenny, we may never know how that would have played out.