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Last update: 3rd Jun 2013, 10:05 PM
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Before he became the most powerful man in the Western Hemisphere, Joseph Tanaka was a man with a conscience. Read about what turned him from a idealist to something ... else.


I am a writer, designer, and artist of comics. I would love to hear from readers.

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Narby did win a T-Shirt, but I happen to have one Large T-Shirt with your name on it. Bounce me a note with your address and I'll send it.
Did Narby win the t-shirt already? I like the thicker plot, but it looked like something interesting was about to happen back at the cave...
when you're as thick as I am, thickening the plot comes easily.
Add one page of plot thickener, stir briskly, wait until subsequent pages.
I'm pretty sure that cowardice and intelligence frequently cohabit the same people.