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A story about dead men
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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This is the story of the day that Trevor finally died.

Slasher/horror, R
Updates Fridays


{ he/him - trans - ‘95 }

I'm Jack, an Irish/Canadian comic author based around Vancouver, BC. I love my wife, big monsters, bright colours, loud music, and being by the ocean.

I have a lot of stories to tell, nice to meet you!

My favourite genres to write and draw are drama and horror; there will be heavy themes in a lot of my works to do with mental health and healing from trauma, and while I try to cover all the bases in my content warnings, please let me know if you need anything else tagged.


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The thigh holster was a nice touch. Something tells me Benjamin might not be as up to the task as they'd all hope. :0
Someone sure got a confidence boost.

And good luck with the packing!
Dr. Seaton: Madison said he was sending us notes, but-
Dr. Binns: He was. The electronic ones were easy enough to edit and re-send or print, but he got creative. I know we never caught all of them. See, Harkam? I told you they'd all just think he was nuts if we kept feeding the rumours, you owe me that bet.
Dr. Stern: If we survive.
Dr. Binns: If YOU survive, I'M going to be just fine.
Dr. Stern: Good GOD, why do you have THAT??
Dr. Binns: Listen, I had a feeling things were going to go off the rails, and the little shrimp rounds that the grunts fire wouldn't be enough to hold him back. So, I started bringing one of my grandchildren to work with me. This is Benny. Benny is the kind of gun you bring when you actually want to deal some damage.
Dr. Stern: Enid that's not a gun, that's a cannon.


Hey again! Overestimated my abilities again to keep things going with the strain of the move, but two days late isnt all that bad I suppose, I really gotta get back to packing. Thank you guys for being so supportive and patient with me in all this mess on my end

Like I said last week, next update won't be til March, see you then!

EDIT: fixed Enid's shirt, transcript added
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I've been really appreciating it too recently, some people can work wonders with just values :O
Always been a fan of greyscale!