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In "Triforce of Power," a Legend of Zelda fancomic, Ganondorf explores Hyrule with 12-year-old Link as a guide. While Ganondorf learns more about the strange land's peoples and secrets, Link seeks his fortune and goes on quests for Princess Zelda.

This webcomic was started back in 2015. To catch up, 5 pages will be uploaded every Friday!


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Uploading this a day later than hoped, but better late than never!
Author Note
Hello everyone! I am planning on now updating the comic with 5 pages a week, all uploaded on Friday morning. Here's hoping we can get this page caught up this year!
Author Note
Hello all!
MC Aquila (aka Mahira) here, and I'm excited to be uploading this comic onto Comic Fury... again! It was up a couple years ago, but as this comic has a lot of already finished pages, keeping up with uploading them all was overwhelming at the time.

However, Comic Fury is much more intuitive for me now with their updates with how mass uploading works, so I look forward to finally getting it all on here!

The goal is to have about 5 pages uploaded every week.

Happy reading!
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