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Team Triple Tousle . The team of Neo, Chakra, and Noble are ready and set to take on forces no one else dares challenge. Forces such as ShadowBolt, MichaelXD, and maybe even more sinister forces lurk hidden in the shadows. It's up to them to find them and fight off these forces. These forces are odd as they come, but Triple Tousle has its own set of oddities as well. Come join us for the challenges! It comes with EXP share turned on!


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A Pokémon fanatic who enjoys worldbuilding a bit too much. Works in the House of Representatives.

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I enjoy graphic design, story writing, and all that other fun fluff. :3

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You know my bag of tricks is only limited by my imagination and what anime i've watched
Such a unique set of skills! Always got something at the ready for any convenience don't you? Don't worry! I can help support now!
Hahaha ofc
Thanks for packing that very helpful umbrella!
Hehehe yes