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Amelia has the unique ability to say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times. Unfortunately, that kind of skill is not appreciated when your job is to keep people from killing themselves...


A living Loltraktor

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Come on, we all know that the UN Security Council is made of bullshit, right? The only thing that got me puzzled is how they put up with the megalomania of the crooks who run a banana republic that never does anything relevant.
And yet Brazil wants a permanent place on the UN security council, putting itself in the same league as Germany and India....
(Surprising that Japan isn't insisting on it as well, being the third largest economy in the world after all, beaten only by USA and China)
You bet I did!
Grey Garou
I can definitely say you got it a lot worse than me.
Believe me, it IS Mario World gone crazy in a few selcted places, but it's more like GTA in urban areas. Well, I live here, so I happen to know this place is crap... We're run by commies, everytime we go out we don't know if we're getting robbed, shot or burned to death, corruption is simply out of control, public services NEVER work as they should and people are too dumb to even notice any of this. Heck, sometimes I catch myself wishing that some foreign country bomb the shit out of Brasilia and start a occupation! Well, of course, it doesn't apply if the foreign country in question is China