Those Unknowable: The Shadows Over Innsmouth
Lovecraft Differently
Last update: 3rd Apr 2019, 3:55 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A story that takes place in Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos - it will also incorporate many more stories and worlds that Lovecraft wrote about.


I draw things! Unfortunately, sometimes I upload these things to the internet!


Kyle and I work hard to bring you quality comic material. To find inspiration, much of our time is spent secluded in the mountains where we contemplate, meditate and master--uh...plan.

There is much you can learn from us. And it's gonna be one hell of a ride. So take notes, mountain goats.

Lirvilas:A fair bit better than a ketchup stain on a napkin

Most recent comments left on Those Unknowable: The Shadows Over Innsmouth

Just spotted your work and was quite simply read the whole thing thru on a rainy day with a bad flu.

It was very well done, decent continuity and good character work, a reader does want to carry on and find out what's happening to the protagonists.

Keep battling on old man, luck of the Irish to ya
Sorry that i dident comment sooner.
I hope you continue this awsome storry some day but i hope even more tahat you are doing something that makes you happy.

I will check back here from time to time and i wish you all the best.
“Once you have enough motivaion”
“Take the time you need”
As someone who just found this comic today and has just finished reading through the whole lot, I would say take your time and come back when you are ready. It is a fascinating read and I will be ready and waiting to continue once you are prepared.