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Those Unknowable: The Shadows Over Innsmouth
Lovecraft Differently
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago, 4:35 PM
Number of comics: 339
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Comic description

A story that takes place in Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos - it will also incorporate many more stories and worlds that Lovecraft wrote about.


I draw things! Unfortunately, sometimes I upload these things to the internet!


Most recent comments left on Those Unknowable: The Shadows Over Innsmouth

That Guy Over There (Guest)
*Alternate Dialogue For This Page*
Jaunt: You could do me a huge favor, though...
Albert: What do you need?
Jaunt: Can you fetch a block of ice for me? That sweet ensemble you're wearing is giving me the vapors.

(Honestly, who here was expecting Jaunt to say 'Give me your clothes' on panel 4? Al is seriously well dressed for a fish-guy here. I honestly wonder if Albert might be wearing some of Jaunt's hand-me-downs.)
Left on pt. 1 ch. 10 - Page 7
2 days ago
Haha, thanks!!
I said this once a long time ago (gosh, still feels like yesterday) but the dynamic is cool. I have no idea how hard it is in terms or writing but the comic is pretty consistent in how it wants to show monsters and humans. Both the good and the bad.
Left on pt. 1 ch. 10 - Page 7
Bob Mozark (Guest)
2 days ago
I would think twice about being deputized, Clara. Being a consultant or confidential informant would suit you better.
Left on pt. 1 ch. 10 - Page 7
Mgnostic (Guest)
3 days ago
That's what I get for not checking actor names. I guess I've sat through the Lion King too many times, now I'm reading Jaunt in the voice of Timon. Jaunt's sense of style seems to want diction that is as crisp as his clothing but for oozing menace it is hard to beat James Mason.
Left on pt. 1 ch. 10 - Page 6
3 days ago
Oh my STARS, Jaunt comes down with a case of the VAPORS in panel 3.
Left on pt. 1 ch. 10 - Page 7