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Tsokaka is the only human in a world filled with ghouls, monsters, and all sorts of spooky things. How can a young soul survive the harshness of such a reality? Grit and determination. Oh and the ability to eat demons and use their strength helps!


I love comics and video games, and by video games I mainly mean dark souls. Please feel free to love my stuff, or uhate it. Im mainly concerned about getting comments.

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Panda Cop

It is very Tsokaka
I thought time to include a chapter break and what better way than to do what I should have done at the beginning of the comic! With a character study and promo artwork of our titular character, Tsokaka himself! A real upload is coming soon, I was just rather proud of this piece and I wanted to show it off!
Author Note
Thanks! They are a version of the ginyu force here lol.
Fantastic intro poses! XD Love it :3
I promise the next one won't take ages -_-

Thanks for sticking around