Tiger-Toothed Twig

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Determined to prove herself to her patriarchal tribe of hunters, a little girl named Twig goes after the vicious tiger that has been plaguing said tribe. But after chasing it deep into the jungle, she loses track of it... and finds herself lost.

Can this little girl survive all on her own? Will she ever find her way back to her people? And does she stand a chance if she does come face to face with the bloodthirsty tiger?


Hey, I'm Kevin. Been reading and drawing comics my whole life, so finding this place was pretty awesome. May our stories and characters have great impact on each other's lives!

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Yep she figures it's two birds with one stone, y'know? Get rid of the tiger threat AND get the approval of her people (or so she hopes).
I'm just loving all these character designs! Each one is unique but they all feel like they belong in the same world together :D I also love how contrary Twig is by nature, haha, that this is her first thought after hearing the warning
That's exactly the image I'm going for so that's great to hear :)
I actually really like the way you’ve been drawing her, she has a sweet little girl’s frame while still looking tough
Still getting used to drawing this character, so she still looks a bit different from panel to panel :')
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