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The year has just turned 1987.
It's almost a year since the Challenger disintegrated at launch and Mir went into orbit. Fallout from Chernobyl still shimmers faintly in the atmosphere. A massive motorway called the M25 now encircles London. And a song about walking like Egyptians is the hottest single on the charts.
Of course, none of this matters if you are a young faerie who's just gotten stranded on a Northern English island in the middle of nowhere. All that matters is finding out how you got there, the strange people you're stuck with — and most importantly, how to get home...


s'craic. i make terrible terrible things.

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Whoa, scary. Did Voldemort drink its blood?
life happened. sorry.
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sorry for the silence. feckin month got to me. you know yourself.
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wishing you peace and safety in these uncertain times, wherever you are.
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Team Stormbow
That last panel is just beautiful.