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He works at Spell-Check, freelance. Dogs, Kangaroos, Opioids, Iguanas,& Albino's of ALL species ~!


Cartoonist past and forth, etch.asketch

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i lik this
“The Answer is actually....”
....not 6...it is 9.
According to the order of operations, division and multiplication have the same precedence, so the correct order is to evaluate from left to right. First take 6 and divide it by 2, and then multiply by 3. This gets to the correct answer of 9.
“The answer is actually...”
...6...the number 6.
“Squintiest ”
Hope it was a good one!
Bless this Mess.

Thanks 4 reedingg!
Mackenzie Lageson
You uploaded this on my birthday.
Thank you.