Tweezen: Light of the Shadow
Fantasy, Remixed.
Last update: Today, 6:30 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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In the world of Ja'aire, a select group individuals known as Adventurers make their living in the form of dangerous tasks known as quests, and for two adventurers: Stone "The Reaper" Neidhart and his young disciple: Rock Freeman, one quest is going to send them onto the biggest adventure of their lives.


38 year old artist & gamer — Avatar drawn by kellerybird.

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Most recent comments left on Tweezen: Light of the Shadow

J. Scarbrough
Should I be getting a "don't let its cuteness deceive you" vibe from this page? Because I certainly am.
Ahhh, I see. That's definitely something to think on, although it wasn't intentional. Either way, thanks, Tweezen won't disappoint! 💪🏽
Will our heroes survive?!
It's coming right for us!
J. Scarbrough
Well again, the surreal fantasy world with textured backgrounds as well as other photorealistic elements (the moons, for example) certainly gave me those vibes, since that was definitely a major aspect of Courage's art style, but either way, it definitely makes TWEEZEN very visually interesting to look at as well as read, so again, I'm definitely going to be following this from this moment on.

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