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WARNING: This webcomic is a huge, cringy, illogical, lazy inconsistent mess. I was only 11 when I started it and nowadays deeply regret many decisions I've made over the course of the storyline. It, to this day, remains one of the most cringy things I have EVER created. Please, keep this in mind if you do decide to read it anyway.

2/0 was my first webcomic ever, and a lousy attempt at creating a sequel to the genius webcomic "1/0" by Tailsteak, which ran from 2000 to 2003. I discovered it in early-to-mid-2015 and was deeply unsatisfied with the ending. Not because it was bad, but because I wanted the characters to live on. So, I made up some bullshit excuse about the 1/0 ending being completely obsolete, which I barely even explored in the comic, and started a bullshit plot that really didn't make any sense outside of "I want more of 1/0, so I'll just do it myself". I don't think the idea was necessarily bad, but not only was I not ready to tackle such a great comic at 11, I also was a terrible writer AND artist. And none of it is satire; it's all legitimate, and tries to take itself seriously. (Not as in it doesn't have any "humor", it just takes itself as a good comic instead of making it look like it's purposely bad.)

Basically, this comic is less ACTUAL story and art and more fan-service. Well, actually, since no one asked for it I guess it's just self-service. Oh wait, that's something completely unrelated.

So, if you like terrible illogical writing that cancels character development and retcons things that shouldn't even have to be retconned, an inconsistent "art" style (that randomly switches from panels ripped straight from 1/0 to awfully edited panels from 1/0 to EVEN MORE awful scans of actual drawings I made), badly edited stock images, rants, half of the comic just being identical strips with altered dialogue (or sometimes just the exact same strip), GOD-AWFUL "humor" that would fail to make even Arthur Fleck laugh, and/or extreme cringe in general, this is the webcomic for you! If you're a sane human being, however... Run. Run the hell away.

Now that I realize just how bad this comic is, I'm wondering if I'll ever make an actually good "remaster" of this comic. That is, the same premise, but with actually good writing and somewhat decent art. Honestly I don't feel quite ready to.

I don't want to forget this comic; it's still played a big part in my life for the short year or so during which it ran, and I don't feel like it's cool for me to start pretending I never made it. So I fully acknowledge having told this terrible story. But it doesn't reflect me anymore, and you shouldn't see it as an example of what I do now. Even though I don't do much now anyway.

This is your final warning.

- PartyEscortBotBeans 12/12/2019 5:00 PM


Hey. I'm the creator of Office Logic, and azertyland, among many other webcomics.

I'm also Wiki's brother and KarlFlop's cousin.

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Frick, man. Sorry.

Early 10s are kinda cringe, I get it.

Also now that HL:Alyx is out are you going to reboot 2/0's Punishment Comic? :^)
jezus frick,
this reeks of 9-year-old me's typing style...
cool comic!
i guess!

i just remembered this existed after surfing tv tropes again...
and damn, i just realized this...
the comic was literally just made to stuff every single trope you could find WITH NAME DROP, which probably would have been obvious because there's literally a freaking tv tropes page dedicated to this... obscure fanfiction...

very cool comic, beans.

i'm going to go die of depression now. : )
What are you, a fucking masochist or something? Lmfao

This is part of the top 30 cringe things made by me
People do read this, though. Not that it helps.
"All of the above"? Also, what oddity? I mean isn't that to be expected?