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Webcomic profile: A couple of B's
A couple of B's
Something Geeky
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Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 29th Oct 2015, 5:00 PM
Number of comics: 33
Number of subscribers: 2
Visitors: 10510 visitors (33244 pages viewed)
Rating: 3.5 (2 votes)

Webcomic description

Ben and Mr. Nerdy B move to Geeksville, USA, and just as soon as they reach their new home at the North Pole Apts. They discover that Geeksville is unlike anywhere else in the world. Monsters, Lame Super Heroes, and Douchie Super Villians are just some of the things that'll be found in this satirical look at nerd culture.


I am a huge nerd I love cartoons and I am also a licensed special effects artist, and it is all my experiences and thing I enjoy that I transmit into my comic

Most recent comments left on A couple of B's

29th Oct 2015
And with this new page I am officially back everyone. It has been a super crazy month, maybe I will do a couple of pages explaining everything that has happened, and I am being serious too. anyway before I bring the first arc to its amazing conclusion, I am doing a little special halloween special I have so dubbed the boy who cried youtube it is going to be a busy couple of days so I can makesure the rest is up by halloween so we will have a multiple page upload on halloween haha
Left on The Boy Who Cried Youtube
6th Oct 2015
and like a shadow in the night, I have returned and I will confidently say A Couple of B's will be back to a normal update routine just as before, well maybe instead of 3 pages a week we will slow down to 2 pages a week Tuesday and Saturday, so my hand doesn't suffer the same fate and we all end up where we are again.

Today's new page introduces us to the town of Geeksville's very special Some geekie comes this way, a daily con. As Mr Nerdy B states the geektastic duo have reached geekadise, oh and Alan Moo no one likes you anymore..... hehehe
Left on Something Geekie Comes This Way
30th Sep 2015
I am back everyone!!!!!! I swear that was the longest week ever, but my little hiatus/recovery time is over and I can finally get back to getting you guys these new pages. We learn just who this large man is and what is relationship will be with the geektastic duo. I will see you all back on friday when I post the new page then, till then everyone please enjoy todays new page
Left on Roger the rival
20th Sep 2015
sorry for there not being a page on friday, I am having really bad carpel tunnel in my right wrist and Doctor wants me to not be abusing my hand as much and wanted me to take a little break this weekend. Well I am feeling a little better hand still hurts but I have my brace now yay. Now todays page is explaining to the geektastic duo just what is going on
Left on what is this
15th Sep 2015
and we are just rolling along here, as the boys have figured out there is no one out in the town right now where in the carmen san diego is everyone, and who is this big behemoth that the duo has found themselves faced with now.
Left on Where is everyone