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Last update: 29th Oct 2020, 3:13 PM
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Join Oscar Strange and friends in their sketchy adventures!




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After too long a delay, I'm getting the archive uploaded! If you care to read it, I hope you like the remainder of the second issue, where Oscar has a nightmarish date with Harley, who he's always had a crush on.

I'll upload the rest of the archive, one issue a day, starting tomorrow.

All the best to you all!
Author Note
And this chapter ends! I've had such a busy year, this was the only story I was able to do. My least prolific year so far.

I want to do more in 2016. I have three stories in mind; we'll see if I can get 'em all done before 2017 begins!
Author Note
I'd fallen a bit behind on CF. Now we're up to date! Another two pages to go and this chapter will be done!
Author Note
Hi Banes, didn't know that you were on here. Have a great week. Marty
well dude...Bad news...You're dead meat now...good news...Harley will now be available!