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Unofficially Alternative, Seriously Screwed-Up History of Journey
Life is a Journey. Some of us are on the short bus.
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A totally not-serious, just-for-fun retelling of the history of one of the greatest rock bands of all time...

This comic started to blow off steam during the whole insane & overblown "Perry vs Augeri" BS that gripped Journey fandom after Steve Perry left the band. I meant it just for fun, a commentary on rock fandom & celebrities in general, and next thing I knew, it had grown to a monster. While the characters are taken from a real rock-band, the situations depicted here are only the product of my own imagination (except where noted otherwise). Most bands & musicians & celebrities seem cartoonish and unreal anyway (no matter what genre) -- so Journey (and their fans) fit naturally into the medium.

Seriously, folks. It's all made-up. Unless I specifically note it on a strip & can back it up with interviews or whatnot, nothing I depict here happened. Maybe.

I have NO connection to Journey or any of its members or former members. Nor do I care about the whole "lead singer" BS that crazes certain over-the-edge fans of Steve Perry. Really. This is just for fun, and no band members or rockstars or musicians were hurt in the making of this strip.

Oh. Yeah. Please don't sue me...


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Most recent comments left on Unofficially Alternative, Seriously Screwed-Up History of Journey

4 days ago
I've actually found my rough-drafts of the finish of this arc!

For those who don't get the punchline, the guy in the middle is Steve Smith, Journey's drummer as of the Evolution album.
Left on The Evolution Photo Shoot, Take # Steve-Has-Had-Enough-Of-This-Shit
8 days ago
Unfortunately, the color version is lost. Husband is working on new color versions of this & it will be uploaded when he's done.

Also, I know the UASSUHO pages used to have a wonderful layout -- unfortunately, when Photobucket got greedy & locked any account that wouldn't pay its $500/MONTH FEE, most of the images were lost. I'm still sorting through all our backups; your patience is appreciated. :)
Left on The Evolution Photo Shoot, take way-too-many
10 days ago
again, original rough doodle by me, colored to gloriousness by Photoshop Genius Husband.
Left on The Evolution Photo Shoot, take 500...
Two weeks ago
Unfortunately, all the "redo" files on this one are gone, including the coloring. Husband's working on a redo to fully colorize it; I'll post it when he's done.
Left on The Evolution Photo Shoot, Take 46...
11th Jun 2019
original rough doodle by me, colored to awesome by Husband the Photoshop Genius.
Left on The Evolution Photo Shoot, Take 3