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After the young wolf Kaliska is stolen from her homelands, she and her family find themselves in the middle of an enormous dog fighting ring. Her only hope of escaping is a group of rebellious strays, who seek to put an end to the fighting ring and free those who are trapped within it.


Just an artist trying to branch out to other sites! For commission info and more art, follow me on DeviantArt, Twitter, or Patreon!

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close one
Gunnar's in panic mode and has unlocked his inner zoom!

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Mingan Wolf
Nice page! I was a bit confused about when the flashback started though... you could use some kind of filter to indicate that it was all a flashback? Then again, it's kinda a lot of going back and forth, so you can just take it as an advice for future flashbacks <3
And there ya have it, folks. We've seen how Edith got her scar and lost her ability to fight. I wonder what theories you all had as to how it happened? Feel free to let me know!

This was the winner of the "extra content" options for chapter 4 on DeviantArt. Have specific characters/scenes you want to know more about? Leave some suggestions below! If I plan on covering it in detail already, I'll let you know.

As for now, Gunnar needs to stretch his legs. Just a stroll. Nothing suspicious!

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Author Note
The “bait dogs” are the ones that get sacrificed to a good fighter to rile them up
She’s got so little feeling or interest in them besides a “supply”
These people make me sick