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Under Fire
A soldier comes home, but did home change - or did he?
Last update: 17th May 2012, 8:01 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Pvt Jeremy "Sparky" Sfakanos doesn't come home, and Pvt Adrian Baker is coming home haunted. What he thinks is going to fix him -- his small town, his family, his old life -- turns out to be no less fractured than he is.


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Hey guys, so I'm a youth worker and there's something very unpleasant going around, and I think I caught it.

Give me until tomorrow and I will give you some more pages. In the meantime, have a photo of a rough sketch for a panel.

Thanks for understanding. And remember: kids are germ-factories. Lovable, hug-dispensing germ factories with better immune systems than anyone over drinking age.
Author Note
For the next update -- page 6 specifically -- please remember the trigger warning at the beginning of the comic.
Author Note
This page is actually a two-page spread but has been reduced in size for ease of viewing. You can see a larger version here (an imgur link).
Author Note
“Really, Mujank?”
"You don't normally start reading from page one? If you don't want to read the story, which the author is putting out at no cost to you, then don't. There's no reason to be so angry about it. Me? I'm looking foward to the next update."
why would you bother posting this when so little is done? Any semblance of getting into it from the first page just got shattered when there was nothing left to go to.