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You cannot run from destiny...
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The Underverse is the lands of all mystical creatures. Rhiannon Amunet fled to find freedom from her destiny as a witch, a mother, and a queen. She returned to defeat the Shadow Rebellion, save her unborn son, and rule the New Sidhe and the Council of the Light.
Now Auberon is grown, and feels trapped by his own life... so it's time for him to run for his own freedom.

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I live in Portland, OR, now. I tell stories with pictures.

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There's a couple of Blender joke in here. The "skulls" on the throne are Suzanne, a default Monkey head model that comes with the programs, and before the TV tunes into the picture of the dragon, it shows the pink of "no texture assigned," as if I forgot to attach the picture file to the 3d model. I amuse myself, mostly.
Author Note
“Louis Speech”
Sp, I went back and tinted all of Louis' speech bubbles. I wanted to get across he sounds different as a goblin, but I didn't want him to have the YesNOYes accent of his father. Louis made a lot of effort to sound more "modern" than his father.
Author Note
All right. There's a complicated explanation that Drake is speaking Dragonspeech, and it only sounds like French to Officer Marcel Small. That's why there's a green border in her speech bubble, and I stopped using the <> brackets. But really, you should care more that Officer Marcel might see Sophie in the bushes, rather than who speaks what language.
Author Note
This page and the next were all improvised dialogue from the original script.
Author Note
I've updated the title page for Book 5: Now that we've seen the carts, it's not a surprise.
Author Note