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The story of a young plains Vizcacha and a very reluctant friend.


I'm a big nature lover. My hobbies include hiking, botanics and wildlife watching.
My stories have a focus on obscurew species, mainly from South america, where I am from.

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Getting ready for a difficult moment!

... rude

Updates fridays, late at night
Author Note
Oh no, hungry snek friend :0
A very yellow page :3 Egghead (and yes, I've officially adopted that nick for this Watcher 'cacha) may be an ass, but they honestly do have a point. Now Fluffball has to make Desicions.

... and so, the comic is back! I did not want to go hyatus, but between end of the year work, festivities and a trip I just came back from yesyerday, I simply had no time to build a buffer of completed pages in between. I'm back in my hometown now ^^

Updates Fridays, late at night.
Author Note
One of my personal favs ^^ Merry Christmas!

Apologies for the unnanounced hyatus, I was jsut drowing in work, and being able to draw very litle. I do have a bffer, but didn┬┐t want to burn it. Currently at my family's home!
Author Note
Thank you very much! ^^ this year has been unexpectedly busy, but lucjily at least during the weekends I have free time, so taking chances to catch up!

Haha, thank you! The tegu's dialogue was a blast to write ^^,