Universal Heroes

Last update: 28th Oct 2018, 3:28 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Three children visit a county fair in 1957 and meet some interesting...people.
I'm working on this in the background and will start posting pages eventually.


In addition to the comics below, I'm also involved with A New Realm of Scrutiny a collaborative comic where characters answer questions and interact with each other.

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Hang in there, I'm working on it!
I'm intrigued!
Okay, this page already caught my attention. + Sub :)
This is a mock-up of the title page of this comic. It's here so I can reserve the title. I have a 24 page script and have done the thunmbnail layouts of the story. I'm still working on my art skills so updates will be a long time coming. I deleted the concept art pages because they contained spoilers. Unfortunately I also had to delete the nice comments by chris-tar and fallopiancrusader with them. If you want to see my skills develop, check out my other comic, Dear World. Thanks folks!
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