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Untitled Brick Comic
A brick-built adventure comic
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Mindy is a young woman who craves adventure. But when she discovers a map in an abandoned laboratory, it leads to a trail of clues that goes much deeper than she bargained for...

Benny is a bellhop at a South American hotel. But when his manager sends him to return Mindy's hat in a quixotic attempt at customer service, he is kidnapped by mad scientists who unwittingly expose him to his true purpose...

Robin is a knight of a fallen kingdom. Ashamed of his inability to protect his monarch, he has resolved to live out his days in the wilderness with his adoptive daughter, Meg. But the kingdom is not done with Robin yet...

The uncreatively-named Untitled Brick Comic is an adventure comic following the escapades of three sets of protagonists as they navigate a world very similar to our own. Except that it's entirely built with LEGO bricks.

Readers will enjoy stories featuring (among other things):
-A museum heist!
-Giant spiders!
-Amelia Earhart!
-Mad science!
-Whale puns!
-Stan Lee cameos!


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Getting the lighting right on this set was important to keep it from looking bland and forgettable.
Author Note
This is the first comic appearance of Pepper, a character that has probably existed for 15 years at this point. Pepper is named after Pepper Roni of the LEGO Island games. My sister and I played the heck out of Lego Island 2 as kids, and we talked about making replicas of all the locations in the game. Though that never panned out, we did make Pepper, who was the protagonist of many of our own stories.

Pepper has been around for so long that I’ve only just now noticed that his radio/microphone thingy apparently just sits under his hair. I’m going to call it an earpiece.
Author Note
And here's the introduction of the fourth hero of the party. For best results, make sure to mentally read all of her lines in a California valley girl accent. Yes, I am aware that this is very anachronistic, and I don't care.
Author Note
Panel 1 is based on the second Dark Knight truck flip camera angle.
Author Note
The camera angle in panel 6 was inspired by the fabulous truck flipping scene from The Dark Knight. I love watching Christopher Nolan movies just to see how much crazy stuff he can do in camera.
Author Note