The Untitled Sprite Comic
Starring Cream the Rabbit
Last update: 16th Jul 2010, 5:26 PM
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An original sprite-comic that is about the life of a cute and adorable rabbit gone horribly wrong.


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Note:It's been a while since I last posted a strip here. So, I made this picture in my spare time. Cream and Amy are courtesy of Sega.
Author Note
Just a little idea I thought up. Thanks to:MFGG and Mystical Forest Zone for sprites.
Author Note
In honor of the Peanut's 60th anniversary, I thought about remaking the first Peanuts strip with Sonic characters. Dedicated to:Charles Schultz. Thanks to:Damien and MoonWarrior (For Cream sprites), Fox Omega (For Tails sprites), Bonzai (For Sonic sprites), and BGHQ (For backgrounds).
Author Note
Credits:Cream and Shadow courtesy of Sega. Sprites:Cream-MoonWarrior and Damien. Shadow-ryu. Spike prop-Snowflake. Background-BGHQ. Thanks to The Mystical Forest Zone for all my Sonic sprites needs.
Author Note
Note:This is an attempt at a motion comic. There'll be more motion comics soon. Credits:Animation-OutcastLabs. Cream Sprites-Ren "Foxx" Ramos. Speed Dash prop-FatAzz. Background-BGHQ.
Author Note