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Last update: 29th Jul 2017, 5:09 PM
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After Robert ''Raven'' was rescued by Ninel of several deadly skirmishes, is attacked by a group of people who seem not to be ''normal''. This group is the number one enemy of protection company where Niel works, and targeting the elimination of Robert. Through an unfortunate Robert is transferred into another world, a world where today's technology is nonexistent and where swords are still used as weapons. There, Robert tries to find a way to return to his world.

Ultimate Swords Summoner is a swords fighting comic, with a visual style of manga.


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Hello there. Ultimate Swords Summoner is going through a review of the chapters. This decision was made after the first volume was finished (contains 18 chapters) in order to step up the quality of all the previous chapters and to prepare it in case of printing.
The digital Ultimate Swords Summoner started around 2015. The difference of quality between the first chapters and the later ones are quite noticeable. This is not desirable for printed volumes and digital, as the first impressions matters.

After all the chapters goes through changes, all pages present on this website will be updated, and the rest of the chapters will be uploaded.
Author Note
This looks amazing
Love this cover! It looks so kick ass!
'' I made you human again'' it means the cloak man helped him to get wealthy again.
Author Note
Yeah, maybe.

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