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Comic profile: Vanguard!
Vandemic of Epic Proportions!
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 13th Mar 2012, 11:31 PM
Number of comics: 24
Number of subscribers: 1
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Comic description

Anthology comic featuring four tales of action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy and horror.


Dirk Van Dom
I'm a small press comics writer from Kildare, Ireland, with my favourite genres being sci fi, action, and horror...ideally a mixture of all! I currently write for a number of small press comics in the UK - Paragon, Futurequake, Something Wicked, Zarjaz and Dogbreath - and also self publish my own anthology comic, Vanguard. I also regularly contribute to online anthology comics Temple APA and Hallowscream. My comic Vanguard was nominated in the category of Best New Irish Comic in the 2011 Irish Comic News awards. For more info on my work, check out my blog here - The Van Domain
- and also the Vanguard comic blog here -
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Guest (Guest)
5th Apr 2012
Can't beat something big and in your face!
Left on Vanguard! Issue 2 Cover
Dirk Van Dom
20th Mar 2012
Please do let us know your thoughts by clicking the little post a comment link below. Only takes a second. Doesn't matter if you loved it, hated it, were completely non-plussed by it, whatever. Which stories did you like? Which stories did you hate? Which stories did you think were completely 'meh'? We can't make it better if we don't know!

If you would like to keep up to date on the progress of the next issue, see additional artwork, get some behind-the-scenes info etcetera, you can go to the Vanguard blog here and follow us. You can also buy copies of both issue 1 and 2 from there as well.

Thanks guys!

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Left on Vanguard! Issue 2 back cover - Buck Tucker
Dirk Van Dom
14th Mar 2012
Spot the Redbats!
Thanks to David Blankley for giving our alien editor a cameo on this page. This might have to be a recurring thing in each issue, sneaking him in to one of the strips somewhere. :)
Left on Vanguard! Issue 2, Atomic Call page 3
Dirk Van Dom
14th Mar 2012
Credit for this page must go to Louis Carter, series artist on Halo and the Gryphon. I didn't ask for this, and I certainly never even thought of doing it, it just arrived in my mailbox one day and made me smile so damn much I just knew I had to include it. It's like a retro throwback to the cut out thingies they used to include in comics back in the 80s.....great times, and I love my retro so this was a must in my book. Thanks again Louis!
Left on Vanguard! Issue 2, Redbats Intermission
Dirk Van Dom
14th Mar 2012
Just for the record, the little smokey guys are SCUTS not SLUTS....the font may make it appear like the latter!!!
Left on Vanguard! Issue 2, Halo and the Gryphon, page 4