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Last update: 4th Dec 2021, 6:00 PM
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The year is 2016, and Shoshanna Sterling is like any other young woman in Canada...she's a sensitive artist, works retail, and has soul-bonded with a dybbuk.

Sho's also a Jewish convert, desperate to try and make her ancestors proud. With the help of her childhood friend, the undead Pazaz, she's got to try and find her place in the world and some allies. Life is tough, but Sho and Paz are even tougher.


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Hey! Whoa! In spite of everything, we're still alive! VM is alive and will also keep going, of course.

I feel really bad about having only done 10 comic pages since January 2020, even though that can't be helped. I was working a full-time job for a lot of that time, along with the whole "never-ending plague wave" thing, too. I also feel bad about having my characters still be stuck in late 2016...remember when we thought that was the toughest year of the 21st Century?
Author Note
I just binged your entire comic in three sittings, and I love it - it's clearly very personal, and unmistakably sincere. The characters are so engaging! I'm looking forward to keeping up with it from now on!
Your art style gives me serious nostalgia :O
Holy shit, I am so sorry for the lack of updates! Yes, the series is still going; I just had the great misfortune of labouring as an essential worker during These Difficult Times™. Finally everybody can finally rest knowing it was just Pazaz "drinking" Wayne's beer (through dybbuk methods).
Author Note
Chag sameach, and happy first day of Hanukkah! For the next eight nights, there'll be a new page added at sundown. I wasn't able to do this last year, so I'm pretty excited now.
Author Note