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Comic profile: Variants
Bravely Different
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 35
Number of subscribers: 31
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Comic description

Variants: Stripes is a story about Sam, a top secret military agent who's been out of the superhero game for 10 years. She is suddenly thrust out of her retirement when a mysterious adversary begins wreaking havoc, only to vanish without a trace. With the help of her ally Technologic, her partner Dr. Noelle Rivers, and another unlikely ally, she must take down this villain and discover his true origins before more innocent lives are lost.


Ionic Comics
Ionic Comics
Ionic Comics, formed in southcentral Kentucky, is currently developing a webcomic called “Variants: Stripes”. This super hero tale, and all future Ionic Comics publications, hope to bring traditionally underrepresented people such as women and those in the LGBTQIA+ community to the spotlight. Annie Erskine is the founder and Lead Artist for Ionic Comics. She is currently working as a freelance illustrator/graphic designer for Cartoon Network. She also is a contributing artist for CollegeHumor. The Kentucky Foundation for Women recently named Annie the recipient of their 2016 Firestarter Award. Clint Waters is the Writer for Ionic Comics. He graduated with a degree in English: Creative Writing from Western Kentucky University and has been featured in university publications.

Most recent comments left on Variants

Ionic Comics
21st Jul 2017
Ionic Comics
Happy Friday! Part 3 of our short story! Again, I simply didn’t have time to fully render out this cover image but I hope that y’all like it anyway :)

Read it here:

Summary: The trio continue their journey across the land of Pilgrims of Purr gathering supplies and taking time to rest. Daphne finally reveals her history with their captor, Igra, but will this help them escape?
Left on Short Story: Babysitting.exe - Part 3: Destructive Readout
Ionic Comics
14th Jul 2017
Ionic Comics
Happy Friday! Here is part 2 of our 4 part short story written by Clint Waters! Due to my (Annie) freelance work, I was unable to finish coloring the cover image for this one :( If I can, I will reupload it later with the fully colored version! For now, enjoy the WIP version of the art :D

Read it here!

Summary: Daphne, Ember and Liam find themselves in a strange but not completely unfamiliar place. Who or what put them there? Can they find their way out? Will Daphne’s babysitting career be a crit fail?!
Left on Short Story: Babysitting.exe - Part 2: Event Handler
Ionic Comics
7th Jul 2017
Ionic Comics
Alrighty! We’re into month 2 of our hiatus. We have a special 4 part short story featuring the characters from Variants! This story was written by our lead writer Clint Waters! You can read the first part on Tumblr! Link below the summary here :)

Summary: When Sam and Noelle need a night away from home, Daphne volunteers to watch the kids. While Daphne is used to fighting crime as Technologic, can she stand up to the challenge of a school night with two bored kids? Babysitting.exe is a different kind of superpowered adventure.
Left on Short Story: Babysitting.exe - Part 1: Runtime Errors
Ionic Comics
30th Jun 2017
Ionic Comics
An incredibly cute comic featuring Sam and her son Liam! As powerful as she is, Stripes is no match for a lego brick to the foot! xD!

Thanks to Jason Brown for this awesome guest comic!

You can follow him on twitter here:

Or check out his comic (sometimes NSFW) here:

Starting next Friday, we'll be posting a 4 part short story by our Lead Writer, Clint Waters, featuring characters from the Variants universe :) After that, we’ll be resuming regular comic pages! Hooray!
Left on Guest Comic - Dr. Cat-astrophe vs Stripes!
Silver Fox
25th Jun 2017
Silver Fox
That sounds about right...
Left on Guest Comic - Excuses