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Hewwo everyone! I am floofyeevee! I am one of the people that likes to make comics about pokemon and yet.. I'm super lazy too.. at the moment, I am learining how to draw other pokemon that are not the eeveelutions. Apart from glaceon. i am also still learning how to draw better! I have been drawing for a few years now. I hope you have had a good day! And if you haven't, I hope your day gets better! 💗
ghost the shadoweon
ghost the shadoweon
i love pokemon also cats and love being funny

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Oh wow so you get brainwashed by Ghost very easily *uses Protect*
Well you alsi give me no choice *grabs my G I A N T R O B O T*
I used heal on myself sense I got myself
also. I am a Sylveon so zee you are a BUTTHEAD and I mean it
already did ghost