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And to think it all started with a shiny donut...
Last update: 1st Jun 2021, 7:21 PM
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Ask anyone: Adventuring has never been for the faint of heart, but for the pure. The practice of those golden souls who go where no other mortal dares- Facing down the most scheming of evils, the mightiest of foes and forces, to delve into the depths of what is so forgotten, and therefore so dangerous, that not even the evidence of its creators survives, even in the most obscure of archives. Adventurers are gentle and dependable, and if there was no other you could count on, you could turn to an adventurer.
Yet reality flavors this truth a little differently, a few centuries after it's establishment. There are guilds to be sure, and dungeons, heroes, villains, monsters and certainly sword and sorcery, but there are also regulations, standard business practices, guild offices, invoices, documentation, taxes, law practice in civil and criminal court, and ultimately technology and magic are so on equal ground that no adventurer is any more or less “super” than any other given individual. But at least the pure hearts still matter after all this time.

Buttercup and her friends haven't really got a clue about adventuring. Their path in life has thus far led them to their semi-weekly task of beating up dangerous monsters for cash on a tiny colony (well, really two, but the second is even smaller) on a distant moon with only a half name. Calling them adventurers is a technical truth they would have freely admitted, and with such a tiny economy, supporting this vocation long-term really only is a pipe-dream.
And as things go, pipes sometimes burst.

It should have been a sign of the beginning of the end, receiving a “shiny donut” in payment instead of far easily fungible cash, but hope has a way of rocking your little world, and maybe with lots of luck and a little pluck, Butter's team can reach the stars and know, for all it's complexities, what it truly means to be an Adventurer.


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We should take The Civil Speck-
And push it somewhere else!!

At this rate it might be easier just to move the town to the wrecked ship....
Flats only: The show must go on! I'll do shading as I can!

Unified and organized, this is not. Remember, we're NOT dealing with a crack team of superheroes.

Soli Deo Gloria
Author Note
This is Leo, but despite all appearances, he likes to have a clean house too.

...Don't give him any ideas though.
If it was Leo, I could honestly see him replacing a large dust bunny back under a piece of furniture. Then claim it was under the legal size limit for capture with out release.