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The Villain's Volunteer
Finding good in the villainous.
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It's 1989, and Sirius City is bursting with super-humans. However, Lindsey Yuan is a different kind of hero: a volunteer at One Super Day! She expected to help kids meet their heroes. Instead, a request to meet a super-villain sends her on a wild, unpredictable journey! Lindsey will need all her determination to track down these villains and remind everyone that anyone can do a good deed. | Updates every other Friday starting 12/31/2021. Follow kimbryanart on Instagram for updates!


My superpower is hyper cognitive fantasy manifestation. I can borrow ten library books on a single trip to the library, then use the information to create an entirely new dimension. I get excited when I can create the believable characters I wanted to see when I was younger. My comic, The Villain's Volunteer, subverts negative tropes about people with disabilities and draws on my experiences in non-profit work. Drawing releases my imagination into the real world, and my greatest joy is sharing it with everyone.

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