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Virtrena — considered the "greatest video game of its time", players find themselves pitted against others in VR arenas, mixing a perfect balance between physical and virtual gameplay. A decade after its release, Virtrena had already reached international acclaim.

For his 14th Birthday, Mark Gunnrow is given enough cash to register for a Virtrena membership. He joins with only one goal in mind: to get revenge on his old school bully by publicly humiliating him in the arena. Let the games begin.


I'm Asian, I wear glasses and draw stuff.

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Hey there, still busy with Alchia. However, Alchia is now one major battle setpiece and an epilogue away from being done and is currently 120 pages as of typing. Hope you guys like the final result, but don't expect anything grand and I hope it's at least enjoyable to read lol.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new artstyle! It's not a radical change, but after the full year of working on Alchia, I'm now spoiled on digital paintbrushes. I guess friendship with cell shading is over. (Digital) Gouache is now my new best friend.
Author Note
That Scythe-Axe must be one helluva weapon.
I FINALLY noticed what Ricks doing, he’s cursing in Russian.
He’s gonna find their weaknesses and exploit them, isn’t he?
In which Mark’s friends find it funny to tease him about his crush.

Here’s your description; can’t say it’s clever.

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