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A story about a group of LGBT+ furries as they struggle with school, society, and the fate of the multiverse. They'll face dangerous enemies, struggle with their identity, and maybe even fall in love!


Phoenix, 30, lover of snails and clowns. I make lgbt stories for lgbt people.

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I'm sure this will go fine and end very well :3c
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happy times :3
Author Note
Huh... I wonder how the crap did he not notice that whole thing... What? Was that outside of his site? I mean there was a Inky being that just came outta him and just got cut by a dude that came outta no where.. I mean really did that even happen? I am so confused... But you right D you gotta get back on that stage and actually put in an audition... Because they didn't even give him a chance... Anyways get back there and get them to see you!
Oooh so this is what they meant by viral... Oh okay cool .. wow this change genres on me... Adding some action into it... Nice. I really love the skull scythe thats pretty cool. Very much so am liking how this is turning out man totally threw me for another loop. Heh... Man what's is going on... Lol
I am really loving all the different varieties of all the pets. This is Soo cool. But I am not so happy with how they just shot Dee down like hey we aren just bashing in your hopes and dreams... I wonder what their deal is... They didn't even give Dee a try at all... This is quite sad... Don't beat yourself up I'm sure you would of done an amazing job they are just bumholes...