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Virtue Complex
The path of a blind cat and her many friends to become the greatest hunters in the whole world.
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The Virtue Complex. A sacred realm where the mythical angels that shaped the world are found. A simple legend since the beginning of times, it has gained a lot of attention ever since the legendary Raider, Muzen Colel, along with his companions, claim to have found it.

As a long-time fan of adventure and mysteries, Ayane Seul has decided to search for the Virtue Complex and solve its legend once and for all. However, with fellow hunters, raiders, and even the government itself interfering, it's not going to be a walk in the park.

(Sonic the Hedgehog AU)


'sup I'm Nero

I'm some guy who makes dumb comics whether they're drawn or with pixel art but expect to see more of the latter

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things seem fine
alternate title: kuri gets btfo, setting a precedent for things to come

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I see Zanleif is taking a page out of Master Roshi’s training.