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Last update: 7th May 2018, 2:24 PM
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The concrete jungle hides some lurking predators.

Before the outburst of attacks, the domed Veil City was considered to be a safe haven for its people. With its robust and evolving technology, there was little fear among the residents living content with their safety under the bright glow blanketing their city.

However, there were people who wanted to see the world burn.

Caitlin, Casey, Daniel, and Gabrielle are four friends, trying to get through life and fit in with society, who find themselves mixed up with the secrets at the underbelly of the city. People going missing, people seeing and being attacked by mysterious creatures at night -- these incidents plagued Veil City into darkness. With one of their closest friends taken away by the monstrosities, they step beyond their personal boundaries and try to unravel their true nature.


I'm Asian, I wear glasses and draw stuff.

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Okay. Hello! Driftwood: Act 1 has been a whole year-and-probably-half trip, from planning stages all the way to having all ten chapters right here for Act 1. I plan this to be a yearly update, considering there's still Virtrena and school to do (especially now that I'm in college). But hey, time management is key, right?

Hope you enjoy Driftwood: Act 1!

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