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Wailing Well
An adaptation of M.R James' "Wailing Well" by Anna Sahrling-Hamm
Last update: 25th Sep 2014, 6:28 AM

Webcomic description

A comic book adaptation of M.R James' horror story "Wailing Well".


Comic book artist/writer residing in Portland.

Email: anna.sahrling.hamm@gmail.com
Twitter: @asahrlinghamm

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Thank you (and so sorry for the late reply)! Yes I did come across your adaptation when researching this story and it was inspiring - very effectively shot, with a look that lingers.
“Well well done”
Loved it. Did you see my short film adaptation from a few years back? https://youtu.be/0ZMKlrYy6nM
This was super well done! I really enjoyed it, and I love how you added an actual sound effect to the well! The inking is really great and you adapted it so well <3 great job!
Wow! What a write-up. What an honor. Much thanks, sir - I can only humbly bow. And yes, there is indeed a relation to Jesse Hamm - he is my husband!

I will be riding high on this review for a while. So sorry I missed it at first - if there is a way of getting e-mail notifications from this site, I've missed it, but perhaps I should look further into that.

Thank you again!