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Crimes upon crimes upon crimes upon...
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Orre is a chaotic lawless region. Pokémon are often stolen by the gang of Team Snagem, and those that are lost turn up in the form of Shadow Pokémon. Little did they know there was a traitor in their midst...


Yet another nuzlocker.

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Honestly... look at Nascour, then at Sephiroth. then back at Nascour, then back at Sephiroth. They just have the same energy... at least visually. I haven't actually played or looked into FF7... Ironically this page also released pretty much during the time Sephiroth was revealed for Smash Bros. so it was fresh on everyone's mind.
Why is Sephiroth there? xD
Interesting questions! They will certainly be answered in the future. Of that you can be certain. It's a tad on the early side to be answering these for now since this is technically his first official appearance that isn't 'just' a teaser.
And the extra in which he appeared... Well... That's an event that happened before the actual events of Colosseum so that doesn't really answer any of them...
....i do have some questions that i have been wondering for quite some time. Mainly, why Wes doesn't have his canonical Umbreon and Espeon, and why he is still in Snagem when if he is anything like his canonical self he should waltzed out on them by now.

earlier in this fic, i simply assumed the protag replaced his existence outright and there simply was no Wes in the world of this fic. Now i have been for a while now puzzled why he exists and simultaneously staying in Snagem even now, something that i am struggling to find an explanation for.
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