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Last update: 17th Sep 2011, 9:33 PM
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The adventures of Warden J.H. Cale as he keeps order in the Solarian Empire.


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Thanks! I like drawing vehicles. This one I just kind of drew up on the fly.
I love the aeroplane design :D
Hmm... Interesting. I think I'll bookmark this.
Hey Dr. Zombie, I respect your unique style and everything... But I think you should draw your straight lines with a ruler. Some of them are pretty squiggly...

I found this comic through your most recent post on the "How Long Was it Between You Coming Up With Ideas For Your Webcomic and You Posting the First Comic?" thread, in the forums.

I saw a stormtrooper as your avatar (I am a huge fan of Star Wars)and "Dr. Zombie" as your username (I am a huge fan of zombies.) The combination, much like the novel, Death Troopers, instantly drew me in.

(I run a zombie-themed comic, by the way... it's called Zombie Outbrick)

Anyway, I was highly skeptical that this comic would be any good, just glancing at it... but I've found that I like it more than I thought I would, so far (upon actually reading it.)

It seems interesting so far, I'll certainly read a few more pages, at least!
@hrwilliams: Thanks for the encouragement. It is very much obliged.
@mr. author: No, as much as I like star wars, this is not a fan comic.